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We focus on traditional integrated display solutions, providing one-stop service innovation, from design to delivery.


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100% Follow to contract price: no increase of price even if the sudden rising of the cost after the deal is made 100% optimization of packaging to save your shipping fee and inventory cost 100% independence in customization, design,wood, metal, paint, plastic processing and other related procedure Fast Lead Time: 42,000 production facility to satisfied your lead time requirement


18 years of experience
in R&D and manufacturing of display stands

  • 15+

    Cover Over 15 Industries
  • 80+

    Good at processing over 80 kinds of materials
  • 130+

    130 excellent partners
  • 42000m2

    8 major workshops

Designated supplier of
global TOP brand showcase

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  • Production workshop

With our one stop service from design to delivery and over over 42,000 ㎡ production base, we are capable of customizing and making displays with a wide variety of materials including iron, steel, wood, aluminum, acrylic and stainless steel. We are experts in contract manufacturing and product quality control certified by ISO9001 system, over 230 skilled workers and 8 professional engineers through powder coating, painting, silk screening, wood processing, metal stamping, assembling, packaging and so on and is fortunate to have a long term business relationship with many of the top clients and brands in the world.

Hardware workshop
Engraving workshop
Craft workshop
Acrylic workshop
Woodworking workshop
Paint workshop Packaging workshop
UV screen printing workshop


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