Is the cost of decorating a craft showroom high?

Does it cost $1.5W to decorate a craft showroom traditionally?

Everyone who wants to design their own craft showroom knows that the owners of decoration companies who have completed the decoration know that a craft showroom of about 60 square meters often costs more than $1.5W.

However, we propose a challenge: Can you use $0.5W to decorate a craft exhibition hall and display more than 20 kinds of craft processes?

Meixiang decoration craft module showcase can achieve this goal:

Physical display, what the decoration company sees is what the decoration company gets.

The process flow is clearly visible and clear at a glance.

Achieve a one-to-one on-site restoration effect, reliable and easy to disseminate.

First of all, we need to ensure that the selected craft exhibition hall module scheme is reliable and professional, which can win the trust of the owners and enhance the corporate image.

Then, let's evaluate the price. Taking the craft display scheme including 25 craft nodes (such as water and electricity, carpentry, bricklaying, paint, etc.) core issue. This program has been able to fully satisfy the owner. For the price of the specific package, please consult Meixiang Decoration Craft Module Showcase. If you are in the surrounding areas of Guangdong, shipping and installation costs are also included. The decoration company only needs to reserve a place on site, and after the showcase is delivered, it can be installed on the wall.

So, is the budget of $0.5W really enough? It depends on the specific craft display scheme and the needs of the decoration company. You can have a detailed consultation with Meixiang Decoration Craft Module Showcase to learn more about the budget and alternatives

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Post time: Jul-25-2023

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